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Meet Lisa

Hey there, I'm so glad our paths are crossing!


A little about me: Since graduating from UF in 2009, I have had tons of experience with adult, teen, and child clients struggling with a multitude of issues - especially the after-effects of childhood abuse. I base my practice in person-centered philosophies, and use a variety of treatment modalities (feel free to ask me about these – I’m also a professor and love to talk about the different modalities therapists use). I focus on the relationship between mind, body, and soul. I believe therapy should be customized as every person and situation is different. I am currently available for weekday (and sometimes weekend) appointments.

Now, back to you! You have probably read plenty of other bios by now, and you likely have a sense of who you’d like to try for a therapy session. Whoever you choose, go ahead and call! You deserve to be happy in life. If you’re not yet able to make that call, what is stopping you? Take a moment and see if you can think of anything that might help you get closer to making a call for help, then do that.

I believe everyone already knows everything needed to grow and develop into the best human being possible, but sometimes we lose track of our own knowledge and capabilities. You've been looking for something for a while now and I'd love to walk with you as you discover more about yourself. You know there's more in store for you out there and I want to help you reconnect with yourself and guide you to a more grounded, peaceful place on your journey in happiness.


Whatever ways you’re looking to grow: increasing your coping skills, improving relationships or communication skills, I’d love to help you find what works best for you and assist you in actually making changes when you are ready and able.

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