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I can help you reconnect with yourself

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...and find inner peace on your journey to happiness

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Immediate Telehealth appointments available.
Let’s figure this out together!


Due to the current health crisis, COVID-19, all sessions will be held through a HIPAA compliant teletherapy platform. Lisa Strudgeon is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Michigan and Florida.

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So much suffering...

Sound familiar?

Has there been trauma in your life?

Things haven't gone your way for a while.

Maybe you've even been to therapy before. You can see that something isn't right in your life, and you want to work on making things better. But, it seems like the same patterns keep reappearing; The same experiences are showing up in your life. You are unhappy with your job, your relationships, your living situation - your life.

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The Sky is the Limit!

I'm Lisa Strudgeon, and I believe that you already have inside you everything you need to be happy and healthy in life. I would love to help you find your inner knowing so that you can -
Break through what's holding you back and start thriving in your relationships and life!

I can help you:
- increase your coping skills
- improve relationships
- improve communication skills
- make changes when you are
ready and able


What We Will Do


Free Consult (Optional)


Schedule an appointment


Get to know each other


Make a plan for change

Usually, the first session will be for each of us to ask and answer questions the other has. We will get to know each other and develop a plan for treatment with goals and how we will know we've met the goals.

After that, you will 'drive' the sessions, and I will listen and guide you to different perspectives and realizations of things that will help you make changes (when you're ready). 

Ready? Give me a call: 352-871-3017

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